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Our banknotes are highly indistinguishable to touch, feel and see with naked eyes.

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We accept Bitcoin, Zelle, Cash App, or (Bank Transfer only for large orders, such as buying $1.000.000 for $24.000). Bitcoin payments are favored since they are quick and safe, and we provide a 10% discount to any clients who pay with bitcoin.

How To obtain Bitcoin

I have noticed so many of you do not know how to buy bitcoins and some cannot buy bitcoins because they do not have bank cards.. I just want to let you all know that there are Bitcoin ATM machines in your various cities. You can watch good videos on YouTube on how to use them …

You all have understand that bitcoin payment is the safest method due to its intractability so ensuring 100% security of all my customers..

Below are some few sites to buy bitcoin easy and faster

We provide national and international currency delivery in a wide range of currencies. All of our deliveries are secure, quick, and discrete. All client delivery information is destroyed after delivery to ensure a private transaction because your security is vital to us. Our top goal is the security and safety of our customers. So we try our best to ensure that none of our clients have any troubles after placing an order with us. We recognize that purchasing counterfeit banknotes online is not fully legal in many places, therefore we always use 100% discreet packing to guarantee that your products arrive safely.

  • To begin with, NO SIGNATURE IS REQUIRED FOR ANY DELIVERY. Customer security is critical.
  • We offer interstate and international shipping that is discreet, secure, and safe, and we guarantee that your item will through customs in your country without any hassles.
  • Our clients are given a tracking number so that they may track the movement of their goods online.
  • All orders receive a double vacuum seal and a stealth package to prevent scent detection by canine (dogs) or electronic sniffers.
  • We do provide camouflage for our deliveries; for example, we utilize game, TV, or other legal products containers to transport our parcels so that the customer receives the item as if it were a recently bought Electronic Item.
  • If your package does not arrive, we will provide you with evidence of shipment and reimburse you, but we will not provide refunds unless it is our fault.
  • Stuff is properly wrapped in an oily plastic with no odor, no x-ray penetration, and is undetectable even by the ION scanner. The items are then put inside a PlayStation or X-Box carton so that the buyer receives them as if they were a newly bought game.
  • We also offer special packages (Diplomatic Sealed) that pass through all customs checks. Bud will be sold in tiny packets to minimize crushing. A flat envelope may be used to mail several concentrates, including hash and amber glass. This envelope will be sent priority mail.
  • We provide expert packing and a large box to suit all of your purchases. We also put names on the items before they are wrapped so that clients who purchased a lot of items can easily identify it in the box. Delivery typically takes 3-5 days.

Shipping Methode

We ship by TNT, DHL, FedEx, and UPS, and after your item has been packaged and registered for delivery, we will give you with a legitimate tracking number. Delivery will take only 48 hours within the United States and Canada and 3 – 5 days abroad, and the shipment will be delivered directly to your home without any customs or government hassles.

Fast efficient service and they keep you well informed of the progression of your order. Even when I had a minor problem with an order, they were so quick to rectify this. Best customer service I have ever known from any company.
Wyatt Jayden
London, UK
Excellent long term service. I have been purchasing from this company for years. They are very contactable if you have the slightest query. Their staff are extremely polite on the phone and I would highly recommend them
Joshua Ryan
Oslo, Norway
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